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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Sewing Studio

Well it would have been impossible to finish all those dresses without my small sewing studio, uhmm it is not actually a studio, it is just a corner in our lower bedroom. This is where I convert my idea into reality. It is my haven in my chaotic world. I love everything in this corner. I love my sewing /embroidery machine, thanks to my sister who sent it to me from Boston because this model is not yet available in my country. I love my Singer Edger, a birthday gift from my supportive hubby. I love my gold boxes, my sewing books and of course my collection of fabrics. If I can stay in one place for a day without getting bored, I think this is where you will find me.

My First Entourage

These gowns were very special to me not only because these were my first entourage gowns but also because I made these gowns for my dearest friend, Grace. She got married last April 2009 to a very handsome and loving man, Em. Their wedding was held at General Santos City. Unfortunately I was not able to attend her wedding but my gowns were there to represent me.

The hard thing about making these gowns was that I never met the girls in person. They just sent me their measurements via email. Good thing the gowns fit them perfectly. Truly a labor of love for my college bff Gracie:) I miss you and hope to see you soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Panel Dress

Dressing up my friends is becoming a habit now. Above you will see my friend Trina wearing a panel dress I specifically designed for her. The combination of red and black cotton span fabrics created an illusion of a slim silhouette. A style that is suitable for a voluptuous body.

Blue Version Beaded Dress

You must have seen the red version of this gown from my previous post. Well my friend loved that dress so much that she wanted me to make one for her. Unfortunately the red fabric was no longer available so we opted to use the blue counter part. And as expected the blue turned out to be a very elegant and very sophisticated gown perfect for my friend's personality.

Chiffon Dress with Beaded Neckline

I have always been excited every time I get an invite to a formal event. This gives me a reason to dress up and showcase my talent. Above is my orange chiffon dress with beaded neckline and matching beaded belt. Believe it or not I made this dress in less than 24 hours. The skirt is a double layer circle style while the bodice is a typical shoulder princess cut. The belt is a pre-beaded ribbon sewn to a brown taffeta fabric and a beaded neck piece, available in a local fabric shop called Carolina's, was attached to the neckline.

I just saw this picture last week,March 2011. I was surprised when I saw Eva's gown because the turquoise and orange combination of the gown was very similar to my gown above.

Elegant Tube Dress

A very good friend of mine wearing one of my creations. I made her a tube dress using a dull satin champagne hue fabric. And as for the belt, I used a pre-beaded turquoise taffeta fabric. She looked stunning with her matching bag and elegant pair of stilettos.

Avant Garde Red Dress

I made this dress two Christmases ago for a dinner party with my college friends. I love the super size sleeves and the neckline detail.

Frill dress

My husband and I were malling one time when we came across with this very exquisite dress.
It was a Marc Jacob and yes it was very expensive. It inspired me to create my own version of this dress and I came up with my masterpiece above. I always get a compliment every time I wear this dress, in fact this is my favorite creation so far.


A sorority of soon-to-be lawyers asked me to create a jacket appropriate to their image - intelligent yet fashionable. I think the end product suited them well.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Gown for Lora's Wedding

This is my latest and most expensive project yet! Pre-beaded embroidered fabric is really quite expensive, but definitely worth it since the wow factor comes even before a single stitch is made :-) I chose a pleated cowl neckline for the front and a cowl neckline for the back. Tapered bodice, up to below the knee. Underneath is a separate bustier dress with straps. This gown started totally different, but I'll just save that design for my next big occassion.